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This website contains subject matter that may not be suitable for all ages. Discussed, herein, are the ethics and health concerns of sexually mutilating canine companions. Mature sexual language and anatomical imagery are presented. If you are under 17 years of age, please consult your parent or legal guardian as to whether or not you should be perusing this website. Thank you.

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Neuter Nazis!

I call radicals of pro-neutering "Neuter Nazis." I call them this because they have an elitist disregard for the rights of others. They are control freaks who's mantra says that if you don't do it our way then you are wrong; not only are you wrong, you are responsible for all unwanted dogs and their collective suffering.

Neuter Nazis are against free choice; you are relieved of all choice when dealing with them. If you want to adopt one of the servile playthings unlucky enough to get "rescued" by them, you'd better live in a mansion as secure as Fort Knox... and be prepared to sign away ALL your rights to make decisions for your ward. For not only are you required to sign a contract that your new servile plaything get neutered, but at anytime and for any reason Mien Rescuer may decide that your privacy is reascended and your ward is repossessed.

Neuter Nazis are of the opinion that those who would adopt an abused or neglected woof is no better then the abuser or neglecter the woof was rescued from; and this distrust and disrespect is apparent at every point of the adoption process. Thus, persons wanting a companion non-human without the rigors of interrogation, humiliation, and sexual mutilation, may feel better to purchase a woof from a breeder. I think this is why so many "rescues" end up being "put down" in shelters; because there's a lack of perfect homes with perfect drones that will kiss up to the Neuter Nazi ego.

I have been criticized for the term "Neuter Nazis." I've been told that it's disrespectful to Jewish people. I think that this is absurd. As I see it, being compared to non-human beings is a compliment, not an insult, especially if being compared to canines. Nazis were evil control freaks who treated others as slaves, to exploit and kill for their own pleasures and bigotry. I see the radicals of pro-neuter in this same light.

On 23 June 1942 Viktor Brack wrote the following letter to Himmler:

"Dear Reichsfuehrer: Among 10 millions of Jews in Europe, there are, I figure, at least 2-3 millions of men and women who are fit enough to work. Considering the extraordinary difficulties the labor problem presents us with I hold the view that those 2-3 millions should be specially selected and preserved. This can however only be done if at the same time they are rendered incapable to propagate. About a year ago I reported to you that agents of mine have completed the experiments necessary for this purpose. I would like to recall these facts once more. Sterilization, as normally performed on persons with hereditary diseases is here out of the question, because it takes too long and is too expensive. Castration by X-ray however is not only relatively cheap, but can also be performed on many thousands in the shortest time. I think, that at this time it is already irrelevant whether the people in question become aware of having been castrated after some weeks or months, once they feel the effects. Should you, Reichsfuehrer, decide to choose this way in the interest of the preservation of labor, then Reichsleiter Bouhler would be prepared to place all physicians and other personnel needed for this work at your disposal. Likewise he requested me to inform you that then I would have to order the apparatus so urgently needed with the greatest speed. Heil Hitler! Yours, Viktor Brack" (From "The Nuremberg Medical Trial" by Klaus Dörner)

So what is the difference between the idea expressed in this letter and that expressed by radical neutering advocates? Sure, keep your servile playthings and exploit them for your purposes, but they must be sterilized and it's irrelevant whether they care or not. The only difference I can see is that canines are considered less than human by Neuter Nazis... kind of like African American's were considered less than human until a HUGE civil war led the way to a degree of enlightenment in the United States. Unfortunately there will always be people who put themselves above others for the thrill of control, power, and a false sense of security to ease an insecure mind.

Then we have people like Ingrid Newkirk of PETA giving us insight into their real agenda:

"...But as the surplus of cats and dogs (artificially engineered by centuries of forced breeding) declined, eventually companion animals would be phased out, and we would return to a more symbiotic relationship ― enjoyment at a distance." ― Ingrid Newkirk

The real agenda is doing away with companion non-human beings all together. Or maybe it's the breeder's agenda of being the only source of non-human companionship; even after paying $300+ for a servile plaything you have to sign a contract to castrate it! Or maybe it's the veterinarian's agenda of brainwashing people into unnecessary surgical procedures under the guise of being "responsible."

In any case, guess where the Neuter Nazis are leading us? Down the road to losing our individual right to choose and care for our companion non-humans as we deem appropriate; down mandatory castration road.

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